Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ok...So Socks

I have made socks before in knitting. One pair in WW for myself...which I can't wear because they hurt my feet. I have diabetes and the nerves on the bottom of my feet are just TOO sensitive..feels like I am walking on tiny stones. However, before I tackle socks in lighter weight yarn, I want to get more comfortable with the technique of sock making. So I knit a pair of Toddler Socks using an odd skein of Martha Stewart WW for my little granddaughter. I finished them last night...here they are...

They look ok...for someone who is less than an expert. But there are problems. Below you will see a fair attempt at Kitchener Stitch

I got help for this at my local LYS.

But when I finished the second sock and tried it on my own, here is what happened...

The first couple sts look ok...but the rest look like garter stitch!

And another thing....see how nice one side of the decreases looks...but how crooked the other side is....

I slipped the sts knitwise for the ssk...I thought that was right. Same thing happened when I decreased for the toe.  

But, for a kid who is going to be running around the house in them or wearing them in boots (too thick for shoes) they will pass. The next pair I really want to be near perfect. 

Next project, I hope, is a child's tunic. I have it started but I am not even sure if I am doing it right....sigh...


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