Monday, August 11, 2014

Here We Go Again

I went yarn shopping recently with the objective of getting some really nice yarn to make my granddaughter Lillith some nice things. I found the SEAMUS pattern awhile back and thought I could handle it. Not real difficult..I can do the increases and decreases and I have been knitting in the round for quite awhile. I found some DungarEase in the Chambray and Bandana colorways that I thought would be perfect, so I got 3 balls and I got started on Saturday.

I got about 10 rows in and realized I screwed up something and could NOT figure out how to fix it. I was SO upset, but I frogged the whole thing and yesterday I cast on again and moved forward.

Things were going much better this time....I was very pleased. This is my project now...

But, of course, because its me, there is another problem. Here is a close up of it....

I don't know exactly HOW I did that. I suppose half the battle is I know WHAT I did. Somehow I either did not do an increase or I dropped it. I did a stitch count and I am one stitch short. So I have to try and figure out how to ladder back, do the increase and go back up. But I am literally scared because I know if I mess it up, I will have to frog the whole thing. The last time I made the mistake, I tried to frog back to it but I ended up losing increases and it was a mess so I had to start all over. I am not good enough to just fix things like I do in crochet. And, of course, the mistake is in the FRONT, so I can't fudge it.

Wish me luck. I REALLY want to continue working on this as I can see its going to be pretty cute when its finished.


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