Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Here we go again...Part Deux

Well, I tried fixing the mistake in the pullover....and ended up with MORE mistakes. Not surprised. And I sobbed for about 5 minutes when I realized I wasn't going to simply fix it. So I VERY carefully frogged back about 4 rows to before the mistake Then I reknit. I was successful!

But that doesn't mean I have a flawless shirt. Here is my progress now...

It looks a bit of a mess with all that's going on. I have a stitch holder on one side holding a sleeve and a circ on the other doing the same. It works.

I have to admit to be very proud of my buttonholes....

All in all, I think its going to come out pretty fair, for a first attempt. I have never made a shirt with a closure like that before.

So now I am working on the body...straight stockinette until I get the right length....then you divide for the split and work in rows again. The sleeves are in the round and should pose little problem...I hope.

Working with cotton or even cotton blend yarns like this is not as forgiving as using wool or even acrylic blends. Maybe next time I will try boucle...ha,ha!

Will be back with a finished shirt soon.

As ever,

I am Kneedled!

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