Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Counting Rows and Color Changes

Why did this seem SO illogical? It isn't in crochet.

In crochet, each row is....well, a row....

But not in knitting...don't be deceived.

Because this is not what you think it is...

When you are crocheting, you have one loop on your hook which you use to create the next row. In knitting, you already have a loop for every stitch, so each loop collectively creates another row. If you change colors in crochet in the last YO of the last row, your first loop of the new row will be in the new color. But that doesn't work for knitting. You change colors in the first stitch of the new row, so each loop on the needle will become the new stitch in the color that is already on the needles, making another row of the old color. So if you need 8 rows of a color, you have to stop knitting that color SEVEN rows up so when you change color, that last row of stitches on your needles becomes the 8th row of the old color, BUT the first row of the new color.  Yep...you heard that right.

You have NO idea how pissed off I was getting thinking I was counting rows right only to find out a couple rows later I had one too many rows. Maybe its simple logic and my brain is too old to pick that up, but now I know. :D

So ends the lesson in color changes....SHEESH!

As ever,

I am Needled

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