Sunday, August 10, 2014

I CAN do this

I have been crocheting for a LONG time, as those who read my crochet blog can attest to. But knitting was always a challenge. I guess my brain is crochet wired. I mean, I know how to use crochet...how to shape it, know how the stitches should look, no problem fixing mistakes, fast pace. But I have only been knitting off and on for a couple years and always with a certain amount of frustration. However, I really do WANT to knit. I have a granddaughter now and what more fun thing can I do but knit things for her. I have crocheted a LOT of stuff but I want to knit some things too. And I want to knit myself (and others) socks. I have a TON of sock and sock weight yarn that is crying out to be turned into socks. And I would LOVE to knit myself a nice sweater.

So here I am. I plan on posting about my attempts...good and bad. And maybe share a little of what I learn along the way. I didn't want to combine my knitting with my crochet blog, since I prefer to keep them separate. I am doing some knitting now so I will probably be posting about that pretty soon.

So, just call me "Kneedled".

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